Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Liquid Nutrients


When you look at the facts and see the results, you agree that Big Bud offers you a convenient, reliable way to deliver a unique suite of bud potentiator ingredients into your flowering plants.


Product Description

How You Get The Biggest Yields From Your Bloom Booster
You’re likely to be among the 91.7% of growers who use bloom boosters every bloom cycle, so it’s natural for you to want to be sure that your boosters give you the biggest yields possible for your garden.
To be precise, you look for bloom booster effects that include:
Larger, heavier, denser flowersFlowers with more essential oils, aromatics, terpenoids, phenols and other potency factors.Measurable, significant increases in overall harvest weight and market value
Here’s what you’re guaranteed to see when you use Big Bud:
  • More Flowers
  • Bigger Flowers
  • More Potent Flowers
  • Flowers With Higher Market Value
  • Liquid Formula for Easier Mixing and Absorption
You do your plants a favor by procuring Big Bud today so you feed L-aminos and other ingredients that maximize your hydroponics gardening investment and you see larger, richer, more glistening flowers.


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